Recent, high-profile data breaches suggest some Cyber Security providers are presiding over failure to protect their customers’ data assets and brand reputation. Existing counter-measures are clearly flawed. Trustify is working to secure and insure UK organisations against exposure to Cyber Risk.

Crypto as a Service

We have now surveyed over 1,500 UK organisations. Less than 10% of all web services are properly encrypted. Unencrypted End Points and Weak Certificates represent an Open Door to Hackers. Get Crypto as a Service from Trustify.

Cyber Risk Manager

An over-reliance on weak Internal Resources and sales driven 3rd party security vendors is reducing your ability to protect your Enterprise from serious Cyber Crime. Take control with Trustify Cyber Risk Manager.

Cloud SSL

Realtime monitoring of Digital Keys and Certificates can only be effective if you have first Mapped and Sealed your Enterprise. Achieving Total Protection is not a One-time or Annual Audit Event it is a 24/7 service requirement.

The current model for Cyber Security just isn’t working – some Cyber Security systems are not fit for purpose. More and more UK organisations are being breached by determined, sophisticated Criminal Networks using widely available Ransomware tools that quietly breach your “Cyber Secure” infrastructure with ease.

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