All-in-one cybersecurity for SMEs delivered by MSPs

Levelling the Playing Field for SMEs

The Cyber Experts at Trustify have created a new version of Trust365 for MSPs.

MSPs can now centralise their customer security requirements in one place.

One platform with one Console to protect every customer.

For the MSP

  • Secure Clients Quickly
  • Sell Security and Increase Your Revenues
  • Improve Your Margins

Our Platform

  • Multi-tenant
  • Auto-remediation included
  • Centralised Risk Analysis, Service Control and integration with PSA Tools

For the SME

  • Secure against every cyber threat
  • Simple onboarding
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Get Insured

  • Deploy Trust365 and use your new score to get insured
  • <250 employees – insurance if included your qualification score is reached
  • >250 employees – qualify for insurance and get a quote

Start your journey by reviewing each customer’s security score.

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