Would You be Ready for a cyber attack?

BITC and Trustify have joined forces to provide free tests, trials and scans to see where you stand.

Many small and medium sized businesses believe that they are immune from cyberattacks – they think they are too small, don’t have enough online exposure, or that their data is not interesting enough for hackers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In part, it’s because of this mistaken belief that SMEs are so susceptible to attacks: cyber criminals know that SMEs don’t plan for the worst and so seek to exploit them. Here’s another reason to sound the alarm bell: few SME cyberattack victims live to tell their story afterwards. It’s the big companies that hit the press, creating a false sense of security for SMEs, whereas SMEs hit by a cyberattack often have to close their business completely. This goes unreported and is therefore not widely known.

Trustify is working with Business in The Community to help solve this significant challenge.

This week marks the start of Would You Be Ready? Week – an initiative led by Business in the Community (“BITC”) to help businesses prevent potentially devastating consequences due to a lack of effective cyber security. BITC is challenging businesses from every sector to take its free five-minute Readiness Test to help them gauge how at risk their business is from cyber-attacks.

With 40{bdd44bd07fd3868ff92f0fd612cbc1cd5f4b48c7ed0c46b8628b32398349ba50} of small businesses not undertaking any actions to prevent cyber security in the last 12 months – would you be ready if a cyber-attack hit? Test your business’ cyber security with BITC’s free online Readiness Test and ensure that you’re prepared for a range of scenarios here: www.bitc.org.uk/wouldyoubeready/cyber-attack.

We will help you find, fix and secure issues that come to light after you’ve taken the Readiness Test with the following free trials:

How’s your website security or how secure are your cloud services?

Take the Cyber Risk Manager free website test report and fix plan.

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How’s your email security – worried about phishing and being hacked through your emails?

Try out our new secure email, SMAIL for one month for free.

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Are you GDPR compliant?

Take the free Cyber Risk Manager GDPR test to see how you measure up.

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Are there any weak spots on your devices and network?

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