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Secure Email For Business

You can’t protect what you don’t secure. Businesses can no longer afford to send unencrypted email messages containing sensitive and private information. But if the encryption process is inconvenient for either the sender or recipient, it won’t get done no matter what process your company has in place. That’s why Trustify is the perfect solution for security and compliance concerns.

Add Security to Outlook

No more roadblocks to encryption. With the click of a button Trustify adds security and visibility to Outlook.

Add Security to Gmail

Trustify adds needed security and visibility to Gmail so you can be certain your emails remain private.

Additional Options

Business customers can easily integrate Trustify Secure Email into their proprietary platform via Open API.

You can’t protect what you don’t secure.

Trustify’s secure email encryption ensures your email correspondence always remains private and secure, while being incredibly easy to send, receive and open.

Just a click of a button gives your company protection, tracking and Postmarked certified delivery on every email sent. SMAIL is automatically GDPR compliant, so if any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is contained within an email, it will automatically be sent securely. Even if your team forgets.

Trustify also protects organisations against spam, malware, and sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud threats. Phishing schemes are increasingly hard to detect and the cost to businesses can be thousands or millions of pounds annually.

Secure Email Features

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Ease of Use

Designed for simplicity, secure emails are sent with the click of a button and easily opened, read and returned, all from within a secure environment.

Email Tracking

Trustify tracks all email communications providing answers to the most important questions: Was it delivered? When? Where? Who opened it? and on what device?

Secure Mobile Ready

Your life is mobile and the ability to securely send private data from any device should be too. Available only from Trustify, encryption is as mobile as you are.

Encrypt & Protect

Trustify is the most secure encryption service available and protects organisations from malware, phishing and ransomware schemes, via incoming email.


Business must adhere to GDPR, HIPAA, PII laws and Trustify's patented Postmark solution is approved, certified form of compliant delivery proof.


Trustify makes it easy for enterprise customers with a need to integrate our encryption and security technology into their hosted and on-premise email systems.


Trustify support is here to help you with installation and on-going support, our dedicated team can assist you with any questions you may have.

Plus much more

Content filtering, self destruct, recall, plus a lot more - Encryption needs are not one size fits all, so your encryption service shouldn't be either.

Single-Click Encryption

One button click is all it takes to send a fully secure military grade encrypted email that’s easily opened by the recipient.

Secure Email Relay

Encrypt on the go! Sending private data securely from any device is now just as convenient as sending from the office.

Two-Factor Authentication

A protective extra layer of security, ensuring your recipient is the only person with access to the sent email.

Secure Reply

Send encrypted emails enabled to be returned securely with a button click, for two-way encrypted communication.

Advanced Encryption Options

Easily recall, block, modify and set expiration’s for already sent and delivered emails for added measure of security.

Postmarked Proof & Tracking

Patented proof of content and delivery, you’re notified in real time when emails have been received and opened.

Benefits of Secure Email

Trustify’s easy-to-use email encryption service features an array of security and productivity tools that benefit individuals and businesses of all-sizes. It’s time you put your email to work for you.

Easy to use

With over 100 Million Postmarked emails delivered around the world, Trustify Secure Email has perfected the hassle free one-click system to send tracked emails.

Proof of Compliance

Our Postmarked Email service is compliant to federal communication privacy laws, including GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, FSA, FINRA and more.

Fraud Protection

Incoming emails are authenticated to protect individuals and organisations from malware, ransomware, and costly phishing schemes.

Peace of Mind

Encrypted email messages are sent and delivered in the most secure method possible and easily returned encrypted, all within a secure environment.

Tracking with Proof of Delivery

Full email tracking comes standard. You’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.


The number of roadblocks to open a delivered encrypted email. No account setup or pre-registration required.


The number of Postmarked emails delivered with Certified Proof of Delivery. And growing!


The amount of Postmarked certified emails delivered for the same cost as FedEx, UPS or Postal certified delivery.

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