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SITEFIX is a new service designed to tackle the requirement for HTTPS everywhere. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are deprecating HTTP sites and marking them as NOT SECURE. The formal deprecation process started on the 24th of July with the stable release of Chrome 68 and the deprecation process is due to accelerate from the 4th of September with many HTTP sites being GREYED-OUT and marked with PRIVACY WARNINGS.

SITEFIX FINDS your HTTP sites and using our new automated process for EV SSL issuance and installation agents, allows you to go HTTPS with ONE CLICK. You also have the option of installing SITELOCK to keep you site visitors safe from Malware infection. Our SSL certificates contain the new Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to speed-up the Extended Validation process to an average of 2 minutes per certificate.

Our EV SSL certificates present your organisation identity in the Address Bar.

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