What are the basics of cybersecurity? A glossary of terms

What are the basics of cybersecurity? Glossary of terms (cyber attack, phishing, malware)

Digital identity – What is a digital identity?

What is an LEI? What is the digital equivalent of a passport? How does digital identity work? What is digital identity so important in 2019? How much does it cost to get a digital identity? How can I use my digital identity after I have registered for it?

Cybercrime – what are the main cybercrimes?

What is phishing? What is whaling? What is malware?

What should companies do to recover from a cyber breach?

What can I do to prevent phishing?

What can I do to combat Malware?

Secure email – what is secure email?

What can you do to protect your people from email cyber attacks? Will human errors always defeat secure email systems? How do we lessen the chances of human error? What can secure email do that other email systems can’t do?

Data breaches – what are data breaches?

How do you contain a breach? How do you prevent a breach? How many breaches are there each year? Is cyber defence the norm now and we should expect to be attacked every day? How does a data breach differ from data loss?

What is an acceptable use policy? How do I develop one for my organisation?

What is a BYOD policy?

GDPR – what is changing in 2019?

How will this affect SMEs? What kinds of fines can we expect to see? Will we see a poster child in 2019 for data breaches? How will I know if I have the right systems in place to comply with GDPR?