Crypto Audit

Our proven Crypto Audit service finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breaches and non-compliance events. Over 1,500 organisations now have complete visibility of their certificate estates, reducing Risk, Cost and Overhead using our powerful toolset.


Trustify can provide you with a complete picture of your crypto inventory using a unique set of tools designed to identify certificates living in the darkest recesses of you infrastructure. Many organisations have real difficulty centralising the discovery and administration of their crypto inventory due to legacy factors such as:

  • Poor Information Security Admin processes
  • Disaggregated procurement processes
  • Change of personnel
  • Group company acquisitions
  • Deploying new infrastructure

All of these factors can contribute to a lack of organisational awareness over certificate numbers and costs, and most importantly – RISK. The biggest SSL issue facing any Enterprise is having certificates expire on mission critical services.

We provide you with a complete report giving you centralised view of your SSL estate. This allows you to make informed decisions over Assurance Levels, Costs and Risk.

Our latest Unlimited Certificate Issuance service allows you to target SHA-1 certificates and seamlessly replace them with SHA-2 certificates from one interface.

This service now extends to addressing the Internal Server Certificate re-naming requirement launched by the CA Browser Forum on the 1st of November 2015.


As an extension to the Enterprise Audit Service we can provide you with a cost comparison covering your historical spend and a comparison with current market pricing across multiple Certificate Authorities or we can provide you with the the tool to do it yourselves.

Both services are designed to provide you with clear inputs for your Business Case, to save time and money and reduce the risk associated with change. Our Auditors are CISSP qualified Certificate Specialists and can either conduct the audit service under supervision or provide you with the tools to perform each task under their guidance.

Our Audit Methodology & Toolset is uniquely featured and able to identify deep or “hidden” application level key residues often missed by inferior services but critically often the source of costly outages.