Trustify and Business In The Community / Business Emergency Resilience Group

Trustify is proud to be one of the few SMEs members of Business in the Community. We represent the interests of SMEs on the Business Emergency Resilience Group. Importantly, we help influence how to better protect UK SMEs from Cyber Attack and Data Breach. 

Why do we participate? It’s quite simple really: it aligns with our core belief that every organisation regardless of size should – Secure Everything. Always. 

As BERG says on its web page: “Many communities rely on local businesses for their services and provision of jobs to local residents. Often when a natural disaster hits a community the impact is hard and if a business is not prepared or resilient then it may not recover and become insolvent. This cascades through the community as jobs and local amenities/ services are lost.” 

Alistair Murray, Trustify’s CEO and founder and BERG Leadership Team member explains: 

“Trustify provides products and services that focus on data breach prevention, no matter the size of organisation, and how to recover from a breach should the worst happen. I work alongside Mike Still (chair of BERG and Trustify) in making sure that the we educate the business community about how to prosper in the face of major Cyber challenges.” 

“Our involvement with BERG has recently seen us comment on cyber resilience and how SMEs were affected by the O2 outage in December 2018. We also signed up for the Business in the Community Waste to Wealth commitment. In 2019, our Business In The Community involvement will expand into Mental Health issues in the SME community.” 

Visit these web pages to read more on BERGits leadership team or please do get in touch if you’d like to hear more about why it’s so important to us at Trustify.